Swale Weather for Facebook Officially Released

Swale Weather for Facebook has been approved and made available on the Facebook App Store. You can view the Swale Weather Website within a application on Facebook instead of visiting the main website. We know how much you like Facebook so we got straight down to creating a Facebook Swale Weather App. It is secured by a SSL which will keep the website safe inside of Facebook. We want to let you know that we will bring new updates and make them become available Automatically to the App. We hope to bring some nice in App features in the future to make the App more interesting such as interacting with other Facebook Members through the App.

New improvements are under way and we will be rolling them out soon. We are making it into a Game too.

View Swale Weather App in the Facebook Game Store Now


Swale Weather for Facebook PreviewSwale Weather on Facebook

Swale Weather for Facebook launching soon

We will soon be launching our first version of Swale Weather for Facebook. We have sent the App to the Facebook Team for Approval to add to their Store. The top links are currently unclickable but we are working on fixing this issue. Right now the App is in early stages of release and we hope the first version will be made available to all Facebook soon. Check out the preview of the App.

Swale Weather for Facebook Preview