New week as we focus on the website!

This week we will be focusing on future content at Swale Weather through social media and starting to work more on new development on the website, most content will still continue but some graphic updates have been scaled back. We will be focusing on bringing text forecasts through social media with other model updates, weather warnings and flood alerts. Our Facebook page has now reached 5,266 likes and 5,741 followers, all amazing people, Thank You!.

We want to thank Caz Howell who has been very busy on the management side of Swale Weather for the past two years who has done a fantastic job!

We also want to thank all the local businesses, organisations and photographers who continue to support us, you are all amazing!

Other updates are being worked on but this is all done from free time so we will do our best.

You can find years of photography on the Swale Weather Facebook page by going to the more menu and selecting photos. More photos can also be found through our Instagram and Twitter @SwaleWeather.

New updates will be published soon to the blog.

Forecasts can also be found on where you can search a forecast across the world.

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