Hope for snow for Swale plus season changes

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel for those who are hoping for snow. Some got lucky Sunday night around kent which delivered a dusting for some. There are possibilities of some more cold air moving in next week after a mild return this weekend.









This is currently being monitored and may or may not deliver snow. End of Feb into March is looking promising.

Season Changes

We are hoping that the Swale District will get some snow before the Spring sets in. At the moment it is looking like a cold start to March. As you know the charts which was delivered to us in January did not deliver any snow for Swale. At the moment we are starting to see a change in our weather pattern which is bringing in much warmer conditions. As briefed by the Met Office they claim 2016 could be the warmest on record yet. As our climate is changing the UK could see more on the wet and windy side which will increase river levels leading to more flood risks plus widespread damage by winds.

As snow is so hard to predict. We at Swale Weather are working on every way possible to deliver new and accurate snow forecasts for the near future.

We are already working on new charts and new interface designs along with our new android app which we hope to release soon. We have a current basic version of our app you can currently use on your Android Device.

You can also check UKSnowMap to find out where it is snowing in the UK.

Snow risk for Sun into Monday is up 30% for SE England. Not much precipitation hours but looking good.

Looks like all change again this week. It will be cold with no signs of snow but we will keep you updated here.

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