It was looking like a BEAST in the Sky. Storm ends phase 2 heatwave for Kent.

What a night it was last night when the heatwave came to an end after temperatures over 35°C or more reported quite widely this week. Thunder and lightning with rain moved across Kent and other parts which certainly bubbled up into some amazing sights in the sky. Deep shelf clouds could be seen quite widely including Sittingbourne and other parts of the Swale District.

A storm was pushing East of the Swale when a alert was soon downgraded after the main storm came to a end for us here across Swale.  All together there was 215,000 lightening strikes reported over the British Isles from 7 AM Friday 27th July 2018 until 7 AM Saturday 28th July 2018. Our storm chaser Damon Webb was out braving the storm. There was plenty of rain for some of us but some places remained dry overnight. Since last night 4.8mm of rain was recorded in total from our weather station in Sheerness. Rain amounts in the buckets will be different for other areas so please do check them if you can.

A Storm touched down after a heatwave came to an end. Look at this monster we captured.
Monster shelf clouds moving East towards the Swale.
It was like nothing we have captured before apart from our famous Funnel Cloud.
A storm was certainly brewing. Moving East of the Swale.  
Taken before the Storm in Sheerness. By Emily H.
Taken in Sittingbourne Friday Credits @danieltpope Twitter.
Deep Shelf Clouds – Taken at Leysdown Coastal Park by Craig H Friday.

It is likely on Sunday that nobody will get away with the rain as as the low will extend before another high pressure system arrives for next week basking way for more high temperatures in the forecast as we move into August 2018 with 29+C prodicted. We want to thank anyone who was tuned into our live feeds last night and your support has been much welcoming from all of us here at the Swale Weather Center. We provided you great weather information when you need it most from all of our partners in the weather media.

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