Swale and Kent are safe from Storm AbiGail

As you may well be aware Storm AbiGail is set to cause some problems as we head through Thursday and Friday. The Northern part of the UK is set to see the worst conditions with winds of 90+MPH. Met Office already have Amber warnings in place and it is best to keep a check on these as they get updated frequently. We will see some bad weather this week across Swale and Kent. It is set to be the worst on Friday and into the Weekend for Swale and Kent as a new Low moves in across the Southern Half of the Country. It does mean we will see less windier conditions across Kent. as its mainly the Northern half of the UK who are set to be hit by Storm Abigail.

In the meantime take extra care when out and about. We remember the Great Storm of 1987 and it was one we will not forget in our lifetime. As for us in Swale we should not be worried about a Greenhouse blowing away this week but it is going to be wet this weekend. However some across the UK may experience a blast from the past.

Great Storm of 1987






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