Swale Snow Risk January 2016

We have been monitoring the risk of Snow for Swale over the last 2 weeks. The risk is looking more likely Swale will see Snow at some point in January 2016.  At the moment there is cold air being driven in for next week. Any risk of snow will be from January 13th 2016 when temperatures are set to dip bringing in some Arctic conditions across the UK. The Snow risk will increase days later which is when we will have more chance of seeing some Snowfall as temperatures are set to dip right across the United Kingdom more widespread. There is a little uncertainty where it will Snow but we are confident we will see some Snowfall across Swale and the rest of Kent soon.

The sources which we have been looking at over the last couple of weeks prove that Winter is coming which will bring a end to mild conditions for a little while. We cant give you any amounts as its too soon to tell. It is early days and anything can happen. As they say we will believe it when we see it.

Below you can see the risk from our NetWeather friends from one of our open sources. You can head over there and check for yourself as these charts are updated on a daily basis.






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